This is a highly debatable topic and not unlike the presidential election there are several arguments for both sides.

According to the Jacksonville Daily News, as of September 30thof this year, you will no longer be allowed to have an aggressive dog on the Camp Lejeune Marine Corp Base. This includes Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and wolf hybrids. This ban is nationwide so even if you have orders to another base it will still apply.

One side of the fence is stating that it is hurtful to take this pet away from the family when they already have to give up so much by serving their country.  And that not all high threat breeds are actual threats, just as not all passive breeds are passive.  Any dog can be a threat if the owner doesn’t train it properly.  Nature verses nurture.   

While the other side is defending the ban by saying that you wouldn’t have a purebred Pit Bull if you didn’t want that aggressiveness just as you wouldn’t get a purebred Teacup Poodle if you didn’t want a dog that fits into your purse.   And that living on the base is a privilege and with that you need to follow the rules if you CHOOSE to live there.

With that said, it is also a standard rule for property management companies to restrict high threat breeds from their rental properties, and even some homeowner’s insurance companies prohibit them or increase the premiums.

Either way, as of September 30thif you live on the base and you own an aggressive dog of any breed, you will either need to find him a new home, or yourself a new home.  In which case, buying may also be an option!

If you are concerned that your dog may keep you from getting on base housing, give Exit Independence Realty a call, we can help you find a rental or help you buy a home. Contact us today.

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